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A Little About Madison

I am from Lubbock, Tx born & raised. I am currently a Senior in High school at Trinity Christian. I am a sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend. I serve as Vice president on my School's SEC. I serve my community through NCL and Symphony Guild. I love all things beauty & fun! I am also a photographer and I love music. Below you can read about my Mary Kay Journey!

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My Story

Madison Bigham has always "grown up PINK". She is the daughter of Pink Cadillac Executive Senior Sales Director, Christy Bigham. Madison can remember in her earlier years of life begging her mom to take her with her to her MK meetings, appointments, anything Mary Kay. Madison can testify that she LOVED the MK culture and environment. Growing up Madison didn't have much of a "friend group". being in middle school and moving on to high school there were always 2 groups: The "popular kids" and the "athletes" Madison fit into neither of them. Madison found that the Mary Kay culture was where she belonged.


At age 14, Madison Started working along side her mom as her "assistant" with permission from the President of Mary Kay US, Nathan Moore of course! Madison got the "PINK Bug" while sitting in one of her moms weekly Unit meetings in Lubbock. Madison had convinced her mom to take her with her, but she got to go because her mom made her have a job. Madison had recently started her own photography business, so Madison was the meeting photographer. While sitting in the meeting Madison would take notes and listen intently. From that day forward she was her mom's assistant.


Madison Officially began her Mary Kay business on September 20th of 2022, on Midnight of her 18th Birthday. She stayed up late along with her family and friends to sign her Consultant agreement. 10 days later she had 12 people on her team and submitted for DIQ (Director In Qualification) on October 1st of 2022. She and her team went on Target for their first car, the chevy Malibu on September 30th of 2022 along with being on the Homecoming court that night. Madison and her Unit finished the Qualifications to become a new unit on December 1st of 2022 with 32 people on the roster (30 is the minimum). Madison and her team finished the qualifications to earn the use of the chevy Malibu on January 1st of 2023 and they are half way to earning the use of their 2nd career car, the Chevy Equinox. Madison and her Unit have finished their first New Director Promotions and they did it a month early. They are on their way to Fabulous 50's (50 unit members on the roster).

Madison has dreamed of becoming a sales director for over 5 YEARS and she says it is so much richer, and amazing than she could ever have asked or imagine! All Glory be to GOD!!! Madisons end of year Goal is for her and her Unit to earn the use of their FIRST PINK CADILLAC!!!! Madison says she is so blessed to have such an amazing team. It wouldn't have even been possible without them! 

Today Madison and her Family, Mom, Christy, lDad Rick and brother Grady, live in Lubbock Texas Counting down the days till Madison graduates High School in May of 2023. Madison will attend Texas Tech University in the Fall of 2023 and major in Creative Media Industries. 


Her accolades since joining include:
-Completing 1 of the new director challenges so far...

-While in her mom's unit she was her Units Miss Go give 3x
-Madison has earned 1 free car.

-Madison also has 2 amazing DIQ's, Jennifer Poss Taylor and Samantha Dennis

-Rachel’s highest commission check with bonuses in one month has been over $4,300

She is proud that she started her business while still in high school and definitely recommends it to ANY young girl  She is driven by the recognition, unlimited earning potential & the freedom and flexibility that MK offers so that she can design her work around her life and not her life around her work. She loves the foundation that MK was built on – keeping God first. Her greatest joy is to pass this incredible lifestyle onto others!

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