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Step 7

Create your customer group!

By now you should have hopped on the phone with Madison and talked about your first party! Schedule your first party with Madison (if you haven't already) by letting her know your group is made and your ready to pick a date for your launch party! or click here to pick In Person Party! Click Here for zoom Party!

Here is an example of mine! I encourage everyone to call it something fun! Think about what you woulf call your blog if you had one! Make it exciting! If you are passionate about it, your customers will be too! Don't overthink it. Have fun!

Once you create yyr group, go ahead and add your friends and family and welcome them to the group with an introductory post about why you joined Mary Kay! Make sure to include a picture! it's okay if you don't have a lot of engagement at first, it comes with time. The important thing is that you just START 💕

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