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Step 5: Follow these Next Steps and WIN Your Mary Kay T-Shirt

Don't worry about doing them in order. Any order is fine. Just get started. 😀

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Your Next Steps

⬜ Hold your great Orientation/Great Start Zoom or phone chat with Christy. Print off the Start Strong with Mary Kay Great Start Product and CASH Bonuses sheet found in this newsletter to help you understand your FREE Great Start Bonus Bundles!


⬜ Make a list of 100 People & Phone Numbers


⬜ Put a ⚪ around your 30 faves that might help you earn your Pearls of Sharing by doing an MK Q & A with us. Print off the MK Q& A Pearls of Sharing Tracking Sheet to help you track your way to your first running buddies! Your first team member gives you a PROMOTION! Three team members get you RED JACKET perks!


⬜ Invite these people to help you by doing an MK Q&A for $350 of COUPONS and an entry into our Grand Giveaway! (Get scripts from Christy or your Recruiter) Become a Q&A Cutie when you do your first 6 Q&As in 6 days and win your Kendra Scott Earrings!


⬜ Put an "H" by 5-10 of the names who might help you by being your first 5 party hostesses.


⬜ Learn about your Great Start FREE PRODUCT Bonus Bundles & chat with your Director or Recruiter about your first product order decision.


⬜ Place your first product order. If it is $600+ wholesale, you earn the monthly designer accessory prize!


⬜ Set a date with your Director & Recruiter for your first party. Choose from Monday Nights or Saturday mornings at the Pink Studio, or Tuesday Nights for a Virtual Party. Start the process of inviting guests. We have scripts we can text you.


⬜ Hold your first party or beauty session.


⬜ Log in to to set up your FREE Customer Website, your FREE Propay Account and start your training under Education/New Independent Beauty Consultants Start Here. (there is a link to go to below also)


⬜ Mark your calendar for all group events, especially Monday Night at 8:30 pm for

Unit Meetings on Zoom. Meeting ID: 806-789-2420 Password: MK (Every Monday, except the first Monday of each month, is our in-Person Stepping Up Event at an earlier time in Lubbock. We zoom broadcast it too)


⬜ Download the Boards App on your phone to get all of our scripts and

resources. We will send you the link, but ask if you didn't get it.


⬜ Download the Mary Kay Apps: Mary Kay Digital Showcase App,

Mary Kay Mobile Learning App, Mary Kay Great Start App,

Mary Kay Ordering App, My Customers App Great Start App,

My Customers App, For more info on these apps, go to marykayintouch/resources/digitalzone/go mobile with MK apps


⬜ Download the Voxer App. There is a link in this newsletter. Send christy a voxer message so she can add you to the group. Christy's Voxer is cbigha918


⬜ Join our unit Face Book Group. See the link below to go straight there.


⬜ Take a look at the WEEKLY EVENTS List below and plug the events in your date book so you can begin to plug in. The Monday night weekly meeting is the most important! Those who show up go up! The Group Beauty Sessions, both virtual and in-person, are where you can bring guests and get my help with your sessions.


Complete all of these steps to win a Mary Kay T-Shirt! Simply group text your recruiter, Christy (806-789-2420), and our assistant Tiffany (806-438-4760) to tell us you won!

Make a Contact List of 100 People

Print out this cute 100 Name List or use a Spiral Notebook. Just make sure to write them out! There is something magical about making a list!

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