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Step 4

Watch This short video and the video I sent you in the text message (if I didn't send you the video: ask me for it) to find out the best way (for you) to provide products for your customers. You also can see all the financing options. Text or Vox Madison when you are done watching. Do not move on until you have had a conversation about this video with Madison! Everything is optional, but we want to make sure  we want to make sure you make the BEST choice for you and your business. 💕


Benefits of Having Inventory on Hand for Your Customers:

1. Cosmetic purchases are emotional purchases. Women buy and want it now usually.

2. Inventory allows you to offer excellent customer service with on-the-spot delivery.

3. Your sales will increase because you can upsell on the spot.

4. Saves you time and money because you are delivering less.

5. It makes you more professional.

6. YOU GET FREE PRODUCTS from Mary Kay when you start with some inventory!


Ways to finance your Inventory:

1. Personal savings - no interest

2. Mary Kay 0% interest Visa Card - look on to apply

3. Try Credit Karma, Nerd Wallett, or if you need other options.

4. Klarna App on Your Phone- Buy now pay out of 6 weeks approach with no interest!

5. Personal Loan from a bank.

6. Existing credit card with low interest.

7. Sell things from your home and use the CASH.

8. Look for an investor - maybe a family member that believes in you.

9. Start without inventory. Sell and order products and reinvest your profit to build up your inventory.


*Inventory is optional, but I believe in it. I recommend you get inventory if you can. We can chat about it. Mary Kay offers you a 90% Buy Back within 12 months of ordering. No risk because you can send it back if Mary Kay is not for you.

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