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 Invite People to Your 1st Party that You Booked with Madison

We will make you an invitation for your first party similar to what you see below. After the invite goes out, we recommend you coach your party 4 times.


Send out the invitation flyer, and say:

"Hi _____ 😀I am so excited because I just started a Mary Kay business! My Sales Director will be training me on Sat., April 8 and again on Sat. April 15 at 10:30 am.


I have to practice showing the product to 30 people, and I could really use your help! Everyone gets a fun gift from my Director for helping me too! Which date works best for you 8th or the 15th? 😀


You can also call but do not blast it on Social Media.


I don't want people to hide your stuff because they feel it's a blast.


If you don't have her phone number, message her on SM and say, "Hi Susie! How are you? What's your number?"

If you’re a business, talk about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers, and how you stand out from the crowd. Add a photo, gallery, or video for even more engagement.

new consultant debut (1).png

Coaching Text #1

Coaching Text #2

The Coaching Phone Call (or Voice Text)

On a different day/the next day, simply Send a Different Selfie of yourself and Text:


"I can't wait to see you, Susie! Thank you again for helping me learn how to show beauty products! I can't wait! I have you down for (April 15 at 6 pm.)


BTW, I plan to take a group photo of this first party, so I wanted to warn you to wear something cute for the photo that we will take.

Hi (name) I will need to talk to you sometime today so that I can assess your skin to ensure I have the correct skin care regimen for our product experience.


I will also need some info for your special gift that my director is shopping for😀. You will also get an additional gift when you bring some friends . I am working on having 10 guests for (Day) so if you can bring friends, that will help so much! What time can I call you today?


If you want, I have two fun apps you can download.


The Skin Analyzer App will scan your face and tell us what you need! It is so high-tech! Here is the link


The MK Shopping App will allow me to put items on your wishlist that I will be showing so you can find them easily if you want to shop. Download the app and register with me. Here is the link for that

Hi ____ I am so excited to see you at the party!


I wanted to assess your skin to ensure I have the correct skin care regimen when we are all hanging out talking about beauty products!


Did you get a chance to download either of the apps I sent you? (remind her about them if she has not downloaded them. It is not mandatory)


1. What kind of skin do you have? Normal, Dry, Oily, Combo?


2. Do you want to prevent aging skin, repair aging skin, or both?


3. What is your favorite color for your special gift?


4. Who are you bringing with you...for your additional gift?


(Remind her of the place and time and that there will be a photo taken, so dress cute)


Coaching Text #3

Coaching Text #4

"I am excited to see you, if you can watch this video before I see you, it would really help me out. You can go into a drawing for $1,000 CASH and other Great Prizes!


Click this link to watch


Click this link to enter the password and be entered to WIN the $1,000 CASH

(add a photo of you being all set up or all dressed up )


"I'm all set up/dressed up and ready for you!


I can’t wait to see you!. I have your special gift ready, and when you bring some friends along, you will get another gift. Who will you be bringing with you?



(Your name) "

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