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New Consultants Start Here

I am so excited you made the decision to start your very own Mary Kay business! I am so very honored to have a Sharp, classy, beautiful woman on our amazing team! I hope your as excited as I am for you to begin this new journey. If you stick with it, work hard, and trust God, I promise you will find yourself in a life that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Get ready to make the best friends of your LIFE, have tons of fun, earn fabulous prizes, and most importantly make some extra money!

As your Director, my job is to answer questions, teach you the skills of this business, and help lead you to SUCCESS! Please don't ever hesitate to contact me whenever you need my help or advice or if you want to share good news with me! My absolute favorite part of my job is getting to build relationships with my team mate! Thats YOU!

Love Your Sales Director,

Madison Bigham

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